Get back to the basics with these 6 cozy farmhouse floor plans

There are tons of valid reasons for reducing the amount of space you use to call home. Maybe you want less space to clean. Maybe you want to help the environment by using fewer materials and resources. Or maybe you want to pare down your life as a whole and embrace the feeling of simplicity.
The homes below are all less than 1,000 square feet (92.9 square meters). And some are even less than 400 square feet (37.2 square meters), placing them in the tiny home category. Others would merely be labeled as small since they are between 400 and 1,000 square feet. These are perfect if you want a lower-maintenance space without being quite as austere as the tiny home life requires.
1. Beige Small Farmhouse by
Sitting at 400 square feet (37.2 square meters), this home has just as much as you’d need to live a simple life. It has a small living room, a bunk room, a kitchen and a bathroom. Generous porch space is in both the front and the back of the home for people who like to spend time outdoors.
2. Barn Farmhouse by
This farmhouse keeps it country with its red and white barn-style exterior. The steep roof slopes right into a patio that sits under an overhang. It’s a creative way to add a porch-like space. The upper level houses the living space in this plan, complete with an open family area and eating area. This home is 792 square feet (73.6 square meters).
3. Classic Small Farmhouse by Dream Home Source
This home is a great example of the classic farmhouse look in a smaller space, with the steep roof and full-length porch. It sits at 600 square feet (55.7 square meters). It’s only one level but makes space for a bedroom and a smaller bonus room.
4. Small Victorian Home by Dream Home Source
This home gives the appearance of a spacious Victorian mansion meets farmhouse, but it's actually 825 square feet (76.7 square meters). The first level is a garage, while the second story contains the living quarters. There’s room for a larger bedroom and a decently sized game room or main living space.
5. Rustic Red and White Farmhouse by Richardson Architects
Here’s a good tiny home if you want to keep things rustic and country. It sits at 388 square feet (36 square meters). It still makes room for a larger bedroom at the back of the home and a generous wraparound porch. A bathhouse area with a couple of shower and bathroom stalls can be converted into a kitchen space.
6. Tiny Farmhouse With Fence by Robert Swinburne
This tiny home sits at 352 square feet (32.7 square meters). It keeps the farmhouse look alive with the steep roof, but instead of a porch, it has a fenced area. That makes it great for pets. In this plan, the sleeping area would be a futon in the main living room or in a loft overhead.
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